Welcome to all brothers, alumni, prospective members, and visitors to the official website for the Beta Phi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi. Our chapter is a prominent organization at Southern Methodist University since its establishment in 1948. The Beta Phi Chapter is an extremely valuable resource for those interested in business and economics, whether in the United States or abroad. For the Beta Phi Chapter, the core of our strength as an organization comes from being one of the largest Delta Sigma Pi chapters in the nation. We have gained more business connections and life-long friendships within our active community of members than any other chapter. Our members have not only benefited in a fruitful amount of connections with alumni in our community of the Dallas-Fortworth area but also with alumni across the nation.  As a chapter, we frequently host professional speakers, community service events, fundraisers, and heavily anticipated social events.
     In addition to hosting events, our members regularly interact with the business communities around the nation to increase awareness and prepare for life after graduation. If you are interested in becoming a brother, creating life-long friendships, and developing the necessary skills for modern day business please visit our application page.


     The Beta Phi chapter was founded March 20, 1948 by 33 men. The founders include, Harmon L. Watkins, James L Hussey, Norman R. Haertig, Robert S Moore, Russell E Hankins, Henry G Hall, Jr, James F Anderson, Glenn W. Harding, Charles F. Caruth III, Thomas R. Worthy, Jr., Robert C Thomas, Edward F. Thorn, James A Werner, James A Wittkower, Robert V. King, Robert E. Daniel, Samuel C. Thornburg, Richard E. Danner, Robert D. Jenkins, John R. Willis, Robert D. Owen, Carl L. Carpenter, Jr., Gordon P. Wagner, Charles V. Mercer, Weldon W. Mills, Herbert B Tartt Jr, Taylor B. Scalf Jr, Wesley J. Elliston Jr., Billy E McDonald, Watson A Tillman, James W. Johnson, James L. Owen.
     The Beta Phi Chapter has grown dramatically since its founding in 1948. In 1993 Beta Phi initiated its one thousandth brother into the chapter. By 2008, the 60th anniversary of the Beta Phi chapter, over 1,450 brothers have been initiated at Southern Methodist University. We currently are the biggest chapter in the nation with over 130 active brothers.

The Cox School of Business

     Founded in 1920, the SMU Cox School of Business equips students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences they need to succeed in business. Major publications (including BusinessWeek, The Economist, Financial Times, Forbes, U.S. News & World Report and The Wall Street Journal) rank SMU Cox among the top business schools in the nation and around the world. The Cox School offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as innovative executive education programs encompassing all aspects of business leadership and management.

There are dozens of reasons to choose the Cox School for your business education, but four key advantages set the Cox experience apart:

1. Its strategic location. SMU Cox is located in the heart of Dallas, a world center for commerce and culture. You'll have the opportunity to interact regularly with business leaders and practitioners through speaker series, internships, and mentoring programs.

2. Its small private-school environment. Our size and culture encourage interaction and collaboration. You'll develop close relationships with professors and fellow students, inside and outside the classroom.

3. Its strong professional network. The Economist ranks the Cox School #1 in the United States and #7 in the world for potential to network. You'll have unmatched access to professional advice, career networking opportunities, and social connections around the world.

4. Its innovative programs. The Cox School has a strong history of developing innovative programs and resources that give students a leg up on their peers. In 1970, we introduced the Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship, one of the first such centers of its kind. We pioneered executive mentoring programs and leadership development centers for undergraduate and graduate business students. Our American Airlines Global Leadership Program, launched in 2000, and BBA Business Scholars Program, started in 2001, have been emulated but not matched by a number of other schools. These and other resources, including more than a dozen specialized centers and institutes, make the Cox educational experience truly unique.